Who They Are

PAM Group is the largest privately owned company in the UK for Occupational Health, Rehabilitation, Wellbeing and Absence Management services. With over 500 staff working across the UK, they support over 700,000 employees across the country. They acquired three new businesses in 2023 alone, and are continuing to grow. Their clients include Asda and DWP.

What They Needed

When it came to outsourcing certain business processes, Pam Group knew that there were significant potential benefits, but they needed a partner they could trust to ensure the work was done properly.

After the global pandemic, they had challenges finding the right internal staff to manage the large numbers of tickets coming into the business. As costs began to rise on every front, PAM Group realised the benefits of outsourcing many of the repetitive low level business critical tasks contained within their core system.

Based on a recommendation, they approached Intellivise to find out how we could support them with this.

What We Did

Our team worked closely with the team at PAM Group to ensure that we understood their needs, their processes, and how to make sure that any Service Level Agreements with their customers were consistently met. We put escalation procedures in place to ensure that more complex matters were passed to the right people quickly, and we created strong and clear lines of communication at every stage.

We took over the handling of the weekly admin tickets, that allowed Pam Group to release their in-house team members to focus on areas where they were of more benefit to the business.

We built strong and lasting relationships with the management team at PAM Group, and in a very real way, become an extension of their team.

Much of what we were doing for them, though low level in terms of skill, was business critical. That means we needed to make sure the entire system was robust and efficient.

We were able to keep the delivery costs down, by offshoring work, whilst making sure that they always had a UK contact to speak with should they need it. Our offshore team worked the same hours of PAM Group, to ensure that the work was done in a timely manner.

square speech bubble with rounded corners and a background image of a zoomed in clock with a map of the world on the clock face. Text in a handwritten style reads "They've been really responsive. They work our hours despite being based on a different continent... They've made it really easy" - Oliver Lloyd Group Head of IT Ops - PAM Group

How It Helped

We were able to reduce administrative costs by offshoring work, while maintaining high levels of customer service.

In creating an environment of openness and transparency, we have given them peace of mind and full oversight of what we were doing.

our team took over twenty to thirty percent of the tickets PAM Group received each week.  This gave their internal team more capacity to work in other areas of the business where their skills were needed.

Their Verdict